Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Review was published in December and was sent to all members. If you would like to receive a copy each year as the Report is published, details of membership of the Trust can be found by clicking here.

The Heather Trust 2020 Annual Review can be found by clicking here

Annual Report Archive
The Heather Trust 2019 Annual Review can be found by clicking here
The  Heather Trust 2018 Annual Report can be found by clicking here

We now have copies of the Annual Reports and individual articles dating back to 1985. Click on 1985-2007 or 2008-date to view the index.  Individual articles are available free to members and for general purchase on CD in Adobe PDF format or in hard copy. Please refer to the price structure for details.

Archive Annual report rates:

Per Printed Article £5.00 + p&p

Per Article on CD or Adobe PDF  £3.75 + p&p

Full Report on CD or Adobe PDF £7.50 + p&p

Full Report in Hard Copy (either original or a printout) £10.00 + p&p



More than 5 reports -10%

More than 10 reports-20%

- Please call or email to order annual reports or articles -
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