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Heather for Holland​

We are in contact with a firm that uses heather as a biofiltration medium to remove smells from waste gases e.g. from coffee roasting or rendering processes.

This could be of interest if you have an area of long rank heather with good access that you want to cut. You may be able to get some money selling your heather, which could be offset against the cost of the work. Click to Find Out More...

Moorland Fire Fighting Insurance Cover

The Trust is delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity to acquire Moorland Fire Fighting Insurance, through Lycetts. This is a special arrangement and the Trust will benefit from a payment that Lycetts make for every new policy taken out.

Members of the Trust will be aware that Lycetts have supported the Trust for many years through their advertisements in the Trust's publications, and we are delighted that this scheme has been set up.

Information can be obtained from Lycetts by clicking on the logo .

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