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Wildfire management is a crucial issue in upland management, and there is no doubt that carefully planned muirburn forms part of a system of defence against large-scale, devastating wildfires. More strategically, the management of wildfire requires specific skill sets which require constant review and development, working across a range of stakeholders from the Fire and Rescue Services to farmers, crofters and the general public.


The Heather Trust has been involved with issues relating to wildfire for many years and our former Director is currently vice-chairman of the England and Wales Wildfire Forum.


In Scotland, we have worked closely with the Scottish Wildfire Forum to

develop a fire danger rating system and we are currently closely

engaged with the review of the Muirburn Code.

So What? Guides


Our So What? Guides explain the scientific conclusions so that practitioners can make good decisions based on the latest research.

So What? Flammability

Natural England Wildfire Evidence Review


Natural England has published its evidence review: The causes and prevention of wildfire on heathlands and peatlands in England - Natural England Evidence Review No: 014.

Follow this link to download the report and accompanying 12 appendices.

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