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"I shared a Coke with a Maasai warrior" - Get to know Katrina Candy

Katrina Candy standing in a field at home in Perthshire with one of her dogs
Katrina at home in Perthshire with one of her dogs

To mark Employee Appreciation Day, we decided to sit down with members of The Heather Trust team and ask them some questions, so you can get to know them better.

Katrina is Director of The Heather Trust and our most recent addition to the staff, having started at the end of January 2024.

So, Katrina, what’s your favourite thing about working for the Heather Trust?

Having the opportunity to make a positive tangible difference to our incredible landscape – that’s quite an honour.

What do you hope to achieve for the Trust this year?

I have a (growing) list and eager to get ideas off my desk and into action! We have a number of key events to deliver in 2024 and I am very keen to increase awareness and membership of the Trust across the UK and beyond. There are also a number of collaborations I am exploring, which could bring exciting new opportunities for us. Watch this space.

What event or project are you most looking forward to in 2024?

Overall I am excited to connect (and reconnect) with the many and varied people involved in the management of the upland environment. There are so many diverse interests, organisations, businesses and groups which I think the Trust can readily work with to benefit our magnificent moorlands.

This all sounds quite exciting! But, enough about work for a moment... how would your friends describe you?

I guess that depends on what friends and what day (!) but I think all would agree on creative, driven, caring, focussed, fun/funny and busy!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I have climbed a glacier, ridden an elephant through the Thai jungle, swum with wild dolphins in the Pacific Ocean and shared a Coke with a Maasai warrior.

Describe your ideal Sunday...

It would begin with no alarm clock, a leisurely breakfast with my family before heading off on a long walk in the countryside or the beach with the dogs. Maybe a dip in the sea (followed by a hot chocolate) before heading home for dinner, a very cold glass of Sancerre and a movie.

Do you have a hobby or past time?

I dabble a bit with various arts and crafts (from watercolours to upholstery), I enjoy writing and reading books, films, hillwalking and travel.

If you’re not at work or home, you will most likely be found…?

Out with my dogs or visiting friends and family.

Sounds great. Anything else we should know about you?

I have authored three children’s books on different aspects of land management.


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