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Join us in Langholm!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Heather Trust Update Day 2023

It feels like summer's already on the wane, and with that brings a look ahead to Autumn, when we'll be hosting our Heather Trust Update Day.

As always, the Update Day will have everything you've come to expect from the Heather Trust - an eye-opening site visit, delicious lunch and a lively afternoon discussion on the topics of the day, along with a smattering of Heather Trust business.

This year, we'll be holding our Update Day at the Buccleuch Centre in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, with our site visit being hosted by Tarras Valley Nature Reserve. We'll be finding out more about the community project's plans for the moorland, as well as a chance to see the current status of the various habitats, management methods, and moorland species.

The afternoon discussion will follow the site visit, looking at moorland through the lens of Tarras Valley (as well as more generally), with presentations from local and national experts across several disciplines. The fine details of the day are still TBC, meaning there'll be plenty of exciting information added shortly - a full agenda is coming soon!

Join us for what promises to be a great opportunity to examine first-hand the issues facing moorland managers, and to discuss the topics at large.

Photos from the Heather Trust Update Day 2022, which took place on Garrows Estate and Amulree Village Hall.

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Tomas Virgin
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