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Launch of Grouse Shooting Licensing Scheme

The Heather Trust has been advised by Scottish Land & Estates today (12 July) that they are urging you to delay submitting your grouse shoot licence application, pending resolution of a legal issue. Updates to follow in due course.

NatureScot has this week confirmed that the licensing scheme for grouse shooting in Scotland will go live on Monday 15 July 2024.

We were recently assured by NatureScot that licence applications will be processed in time for the start of the 2024 grouse season and we sincerely hope there is no hold up in that process.

It is worth noting that it is a requirement in the Wildlife Management & Muirburn (Scotland) Act 2024 that a licence holder 'must have regard' to the associated code of practice. Non-adherence to the requirements set out in the forthcoming code could result in a licensing sanction.

NatureScot will publish a finalised version of the statutory code of practice for grouse moor management on 12 July 2024. The latest and near-finalised draft can be viewed here: Guidance - Draft Code of Practice for Grouse Moor Management | NatureScot

A ‘six steps for licensing’ guide has been prepared by NatureScot and can be viewed here: Red grouse and licensing | NatureScot to enable all applicants to be prepared for what should be a straightforward process.


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