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What's in our Country Market and Sporting Sale?

Our annual auction, The Country Market and Sporting Sale, is due to start on 5th April and we're delighted to announce that the auction catalogue is live now.

Since its inception several years ago, the auction has raised thousands of pounds for our vital work in championing the magnificent moorlands across the UK.

The Lots for our exciting catalogue come from a plethora of generous donors and comprise an enticing list where there's something for everyone on every budget.

So, what's available? Our Director, Katrina, has made a short video to give you a taste of some of the Lots...

As you can see, we've a line up of everything from luxury adventures across the world to European city breaks, traditional country pursuits, items for gardening lovers and wine connoisseurs alike, all the way through to signed books and original artwork.

The eclectic mix on offer means that the Country Market and Sporting Sale is the ideal place to treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime, to buy some time in the idyllic Scottish countryside, or to obtain of a money-can't-buy gift for a loved one. And if that wasn't reason enough, all proceeds go towards the continued running of The Heather Trust and our valuable work.

Interested? You can find a full list of the auction Lots on our dedicated auction site, and if you haven't already, you can register now in order to be able to bid when the auction starts on 5th April.

Make sure you're following our new Heather Trust Facebook page, as it's there that we'll be releasing more information and details of further Lots as they become available.

Happy bidding!

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