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Are you joining us for our Update Day?

On Tuesday, 25th June, we're holding our annual Update Day and site visit, this year at Moor House in the Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve.

'Moor House - the home of upland research', the theme for the Update Day, promises interesting discussions from a host of knowledgable speakers, including Rob Marrs, Andreas Heinemeyer, Martin Furness, Katrina Candy, David Jarrett and Dave Baines.

We'll be discussion a plethora of topics, including grouse and wader research, heather burning, carbon research, grazing and tree planting, not to mention bracken! The recent Wildlife Management and Muirburn Act will no doubt make its way in there, too, having affected so many moorland management issues.

A buffet lunch will be served at the High Force Hotel, and if you're planning to travel on the Monday, there's also the unique opportunity to join us for a supper and stargazing event out at the High Force Waterfall, where we'll be guided by a local astronomer.

The event is ideal for gamekeepers, land managers, conservationists, estates, ecologists, foresters and more. If you're passionate about moorland habitats and want to keep your knowledge up to date, then join us. You can find out more by following the link below.

See you there!

Our Update Day is kindly sponsored by the Joseph Nickerson Charitable Trust, the support of whom we are very grateful.


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