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About Us


Our Vision: Sustainable, resilient moorlands for the benefit of everyone.

Our Mission: To develop and promote sustainable, resilient moorlands through facilitation and collaboration; engagement and representation; education and demonstration based on research, experience and best practice.

The Heather Trust’s beneficiaries are those that benefit from resilient, sustainable heather moorland and associated environments.  In its broadest terms this is the population of Great Britain and its visitors, since well managed moors will provide public goods such as carbon storage, water management – both quality and flood risk management, rich, diverse and unique plant and animal communities, and recreational opportunities which benefit physical and mental wellbeing.  It will also provide rural communities with employment opportunities either through direct management of the moorland or in associated industries such as tourism and recreation, which aids community cohesion and resilience, ensuring our much-loved moorlands and uplands continue to be places for people as well as nature. 

Your Support: The Heather Trust would not be able to run without the support of our members and donors. The income generated from our annual membership subscriptions and our annual Country Market and Sporting Sale ensure that we are able to continue to deliver a wide range of activities in the pursuit of our vision of sustainable, resilient moorlands for the benefit of everyone.

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To make a donation to our next Country Market and Sporting Sale, please e-mail:

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